Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, April 30, 2010

Roofing First Layer

Another busy week at the Romney site- the first layer of the roof was completed late on Thursday. I wasn't able to get to the site while the roof was being nailed but did get some shots before it was covered. The first layer is made from 2x6 white pines joined together with a tongue and groove joint, the next post will show some details but here's the roof after being nailed to the rafters and a weather proof sheeting to cover the wood. Thanks to the whole team for staying late to get the roof covered since this layer is what is seen inside the house, they didn't want to get water stains on the inside to have to deal with if we get some rain. The entire roof consists of the 2x6 layer, the first weather vapor barrier, two 4 1/2" layers of rigid foam (total of 9"), then 2x4 purlins that are applied atop the foam with screws through to the first layer of 2x6. Then, there is a 1/2" sheeting to enclose the foam followed by roofing felt and then the shingles. Quite a process! Here are the pictures. Note the picture of the peak of the roof where the 2x6's are being cut to match the roof prow edge.

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