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Romney, WV

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Lithographs

Mary asked me to make and frame a couple of lithographs from pictures
she had of a couple of old pictures of her and her dad. Since the photos
were different size, I tried something different to frame and hold the
lithos and think it turned out okay. The wood for the frame is 1/4"
thick paduak and uses about 30 small LED lights to get the effect.
Hoping she'll like it but she's only seen pictures so far!

Lithographs are made using my CNC router to carve the picture in to 1/4"
thick pieces of whit Corian counter top material. One the picture
without the light being applied to the back of the Corian, you can see
the carving, it's goes about .12" deep in to the material. Viewed from
the front without lights, not too impressive but as soon as you add the
lights from behind, all the details of the original photographs can be seen.

I'll try to post a couple of other pictures I've done this way in a
separate post.

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