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Romney, WV

Friday, October 17, 2014

Miss Kitty

Update- just realized this didn't post from a couple of months ago so add it now.

Miss Kitty, the cat who adopted us when we first moved to Leesburg over
13 years ago died on Monday. The photo shows the plague I cut to put
near her grave- she is buried near Miss Sally on our property.

Miss Kitty showed up to live under our deck when we moved in to the
house in Leesburg in 2001. She was at least a year old and had been
spayed and decided she liked being with us. Over the years, we put a
shop door in to my workshop so she could get out of the weather, then
later, the shop door was in to the garage. Finally, Donna decided she
didn't need to be an outside cat anymore after an altercation with some
other critter so she moved in to our family room.

When we moved to Romney 3 years ago, Miss Kitty decided that our
basement would work out fine and lived here- 3 meals a day and an
occasional rub or scratch. She was always a bit standoffish but
tolerated our dogs and seemed to be happy. We were sorry to let her go
but decided it was time.

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