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Romney, WV

Friday, March 21, 2014

Foster Sally

Miss Sally, our long term foster sheltie took a serious turn for the
worse and died last week. She was with us for 6 months and had become a
real favorite of Donna. Sally came in to our rescue group (Northern
Virginia Sheltie Rescue) after having been hit by a car and injuring her
head and leg. She has surgery for her leg and recovered well, she was
originally thought to be about 6 or so but turned out to most likely be
closer to 12 or 13. We thought she was making real progress but must
have suffered a stroke or serious seizure overnight and then was largely
unresponsive. We buried her here on the farm and the attached picture
shows some of the markers I made to mark her spot. We decided to go with
CNC Plaques for Miss Sally
the oval shaped marker with black letters and put it on a pine tree next to her grave.

These were made with the CNC router I blogged about in previous posts.
I've been asked to make a few more of these by others in memory of their
shelties so will see how that works out.

More later.

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  1. She was very loved and comforted by you and mom in her final months; she was lucky to be able to spend that time in such a loving home. Sounds like you picked out a perfect place to be able to see her on your daily walks, and the marker looks very nice!