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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Shark CNC Machine Cool Cube

I've been spending some time in the workshop with the new computer
controlled router. Here are some pictures of a test project I downloaded
from the makers of the software used to create designs. It's a small,
4"x4"x4" wood cube with a design on all sides along with the top. I used
a piece of scrap wood that wasn't perfectly flat or of even thickness
but wanted to see how the process would work. It's just held together
with a rubber band clamp to give you an idea what the finished piece
might look like.

This was the first 2 sided carving that I've done. You first cut a set
of dados on the back side of the wood on what will become the inside of
the box. A dowel hole is drilled through each end of the material. When
the carving is completed, the board is turned over and dowel pins are
put through the material in to the base board so that the board is back
on the table ready to cut the other side in exactly the right position
for the outside to be carved.

Once the pieces are carved, they go together very well. The top can
either be press fit or hinged. I probably won't finish this box but was
a good learning experience. No problems with the machine, the only
issues were mistakes I made in set up or from the inconsistent material
in the board. There is a way to compensate your carving for varying
widths on your material but I didn't use that approach- might try it
next time.

Enjoy looking.

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