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Romney, WV

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cigar Galaxy w/ Supernova

Last night I was able to spend about an hour using my astronomy video
camera before we were clouded out. Got to try out a few new things.
First, since I moved the dome last summer, I now have some views of the
northern sky and M82, the Cigar Galaxy was in a good spot. Second, this
is the first time I used the camera by attaching it directly to the back
of the telescope without having to go through a diagonal which removed
one mirror from the photo stream and I like the results. Bought the adapters online last week and they make sure the camera is the right distance from the scope to be able to focus. Last but not
least, a few weeks back, a supernova appeared in this galaxy so I was
able to get a good shot. The error points to the very bright SN.

This was about a 20 second exposure and then captured with a screen grab from my computer monitor.

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