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Romney, WV

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Patio Pavers and Plants Started

Some serious work last week on the patio area. Pavers are nearly completed, would have been done but the saw the contractor was using gave out- should have something to work with in the coming week to get finished up. Since they weren't able to continue on the pavers, they started prepping and digging holes for the plants. They're not all in but what a difference! Although we are on shale which makes it very rocky, there does seem to be some dirt mixed in. We had a number of plants in the same area that we moved that were doing quite well- contractor is hopeful and is supplementing the dirt as he plants. We're using mostly hardy varieties of plants that should work in this area. Here are some pictures of the progress.

From deck by front door
Firepit almost done
View towards driveway
Dome over patio!    
Next week we should see most of the work completed. Roofing metal is cut and ready for install and then the 1x6 pine ceiling will go up in the pavilion. Hopefully, the rest of the paver work will complete and then the final plantings and ground cover can go in.

I finished running the water and electric in to the pavilion and the contractor also has a low voltage wire ready to go for some accent lights that will be on the support posts. I'll use the electric for a utility outlet and a ceiling fan. Water will only be used in warm weather, have a valve in place to allow the line to be drained once freezing temps set in.

Hopefully more to show next week.

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