Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Deck Expansion

We've decided to add a deck extension on the front of the house that will let us move the Astronomy dome out from behind the house where it partially blocks the view. We're also going to add a set of stairs down to ground level where we're having a new patio area with a pavilion and fireplace built. And even better, the pavilion will have a place for a pizza oven!

Here are some pictures of the deck work going on, nearly done, the builder will need one more trip back to finish the railings down to the ground and then install a smaller, handrail that is required by building codes, inside the railings.

You can see the dome in the second picture where it sits behind the house. Right now, the house limits me to seeing about 180 degrees of the sky, once moved to the new deck, should have over 270 degrees and will be able to have views to the north and northwest. 

First Framing Going Up

Framing Nearly Done
Deck Boards On and First Post Up
Framing for Landing in Stairs
Stairs Added
Complicated Cut to Add Post on Stairs
It Fits!
Nearly Completed, More Railings to Come

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